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Parkour Help

Discussion in 'Rules and In Game Help' started by Giraffidae, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Giraffidae

    Giraffidae Sr. Moderator
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    Minecraft account: KayGiraffeChild
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    Aug 3, 2015
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    Rules Apply Server-wide!


    Parkour has multiple worlds that you have to complete chronologically (if you’re new you can’t instantly go to Slime, you have to start at Easy). The worlds are as follows:

    Easy, Medium, Hard, Slime, Elytra.

    There is a sixth world that is available to all players called Time Trials.

    Each world has up to 12 levels to complete, each getting harder the higher level you are, and you can access these worlds by:

    Walking through the waterfalls around spawn.

    Clicking the compass, then the worlds that you are able to visit.

    /warp, if you have some warps that can take you to different levels.

    After completing the master courses of each world, you will be able to use /fly in that world. If you complete EasyMaster, you can now fly around the Easy World!


    Basic warps to note are:

    /warp hub which takes you to the main Parkour Spawn

    /warp donate which takes you to the Donation Board and shows you what all perks you get as a donator!

    /warp reset which takes you to a sign that you may click if you want to start the parkour all over again!

    Kits and Voting:

    These two topics are lumped together because both give /sethome to players for a certain amount of time. Kits are available to donators only (Donor to Mystic). When you /vote and receive your rewards, you can earn 10 minutes per vote, and sometimes if you’re lucky you can win a double sethome (which equals 20 minutes for the one vote).

    As for the kits, they all have a 12-hour cooldown. Information on kits can be found at /warp donate. Access your kit by typing /kit.

    Token Shop:

    /token shop will give you one of three things for Parkour.
    1. /sethome for 10 minutes

    2. Speed potions

    3. A level skip
    /tokens lets you see how many tokens you have (or look at the scoreboard)

    /boosters lets you use a token booster and earn more tokens

    Your Inventory:

    Your hot bar should consist of three things: a compass, red dye, and a nether star.

    The compass acts as a teleportation device for each world.

    The red dye allows you to respawn sooner.

    The nether star allows you to hide and unhide players.

    Course Completion Fun:

    When you go to start a course, you step on pressure plates. Stepping on these plates starts a timer, which tracks your best time for the course and how many times you have completed it (you can see both of these things on the scoreboard off to the right of your screen).

    The scoreboard also shows the number of jumps you have made.

    Still Have Questions?:

    Feel free to ask a staff member or other players familiar with parkour for help!
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