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Prison Help

Discussion in 'Rules and In Game Help' started by Giraffidae, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Giraffidae

    Giraffidae Sr. Moderator
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    Minecraft account: KayGiraffeChild
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    Aug 3, 2015
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    Rules Apply Server-wide!

    The mines are pretty standard. A-Z mines, as well as 3 Prestige Mines, pvpmine, and wood mine. You can look at /warp to see prices of items you collect at each A-Z mine. The only ones visible in the spawn area are A, Pvp, and Wood. Everyone has the chance to randomly find Uncommon Keys and Repair Tokens from each mine. In order to pass an A-Z mine, use /rankup (once you have the amount of money you need to rankup). To get to the mines, you can either use the /warp menu, or do /mine.

    /warp shows all mines available on PlanetMine prison, as well as other useful places such as the smelting area, the crates, spawn, pvpmine, and enchanting area.

    /house or /h accesses the Housing Menu.
    /h can be used in place of any command involving Housing if you do not wish to type out /house fully.
    If you don’t currently own a home there will be three options in the menu: House World (/house world), Purchase a House (/house purchase), and Find a Players House (/house find <player>). Purchasing a house will always cost 100 tokens when you first purchase. Commands after purchasing a house are as follows (you can also just click the items in the Housing Menu):
    /house tp
    /house find <player>
    /house trust <player>
    /house upgrade
    /house rent
    /house lock

    Once your home expires, your loot will be automatically sent to the Housing Auction where you or other players can buy your loot for gems.
    You are only able to build underneath the house, in the basement. The basement is HUGE, so you should have enough space to fulfill your grinding desires. :)

    Bosses are a fun and difficult way to earn fun and useful items for your prison experience, and can only be spawned in the pvpmine. If you do enough damage (at least 10%) and are in the Top 5 killers, you can win either ultimate or legendary keys based on your percentage. The keys can be used for ultimate or legendary crates, found at the right of spawn.
    /warp boss will take you into the arena (the pvpmine) when a boss has been spawned in.
    /leave allows you to escape the arena if you did not want to fight a boss or lose your gear. Bosses are as follows:
    Spindra: The Spider Queen | Difficulty: Hard
    Galidor: Zombie Pigman | Difficulty: Hard+
    Telos: Wither Skeleton | Difficulty: Legendary
    Dex: Baby Zombie | Difficulty: Legendary+

    Gems are earned through breaking blocks. You get 5 gems for every 200 blocks broken. You can also earn them from the various crates at spawn. They can be used to /enchant your tools and armour, or you can use them to buy expired house loot when you walk down the stairs at spawn. You can also use gems to repair items at the repair signs in spawn or at the smelting area.

    Token Shop:
    /token shop accesses a shop that varies from server to server, in which items/commands/in-game currency/etc can be purchased. For prison:
    Spawners (such as iron golem, pig, zombie, etc).
    Bosses (explained above)
    Vaults (accessed with /pv, must relog once purchasing. They do not stack)
    Gems (explained above)
    Monetary Boosters (allows a 15 minute 2x $$$ booster for everyone on prison)
    Miscellaneous (/fly, /echest, and silk spawners perk)

    /kit allows you to see all kits available in prison. Left click a kit to see what each one contains. Three of the Nine kits are non-donator kits, available to all. The other six are exclusive to donators. Donor Kit works for Donors only. Member Kit for Member only, VIP Kit for VIP only, and so on.

    /shop opens up a menu of different categories to buy from: Blocks, Mob Drops, Farming, and Miscellaneous. The buy price can be pretty expensive, depending on where you’re at in prison, and some items can be sold back for profit.
    /ah is the Auction House, available to sell to and buy from other players. You can sell at your own price! Make sure to hover over items at the bottom of the menu in order to view what all is possible with the Auction House.
    You can also create chest shops! Place a sign on your chests in your home (explained above) in order to sell or buy goods at your own prices!

    Other Commands:
    /stake or /duel: Allows you to challenge other players to a 1v1 match, where you can bet items or money of your choosing
    /stats: Shows a player’s win/loss rate for staking/dueling
    /blocks: Shows you how many blocks total you have mined
    /bal or /money: Shows exactly how much money you have
    /baltop: Shows some of the top balances of prison
    /lockette or /lock: Allows you to lock doors/chests or edit locks on doors/chests
    /withdraw: Allows you to take out a sum of money as a banknote
    /gems: Shows you your exact gem balance.
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