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Welcome to PlanetMine!

Discussion in 'Rules and In Game Help' started by Jet315, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Jet315

    Jet315 Owner
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    Aug 2, 2015
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    Welcome to PlanetMine!

    A fun server with an overall wonderful community. Everyone knows everyone, even the owner!

    PlanetMine has several fun and diverse gamemodes, enjoyable for anyone and everyone. Those gamemodes are:
    We have some of the most challenging parkour in Minecraft, with over five different levels (easy, medium, hard, slime, elytra and coming soon: time trials). Each level has 12 increasingly challenging courses, each equipped with a master course that you must beat to move on to the next. If you love parkour, ours is the place for you!

    Creative is one of the main gamemodes of Minecraft, why not include it? Own up to fifteen plots, roleplay with your friends with our marriage plugin, or even just build a masterpiece! And of course, earn creative-exclusive ranks along the way!


    The other main gamemode of Minecraft, survival isn't too overpowered in our server. We try to keep it as vanilla as possible, while adding some fun features to make it more interesting for the players! Fight bosses in the arena, build a base and survive the night with your teammates, and perhaps even fight a wither or two!

    If PvP is your style, definitely give our kitpvp a try. Go through over 30 ranks and prove to be the best PvP player out there! There's a variety of kits, each with their own special abilities. ELO is also implemented for those competitive to be number one!

    Want survival with a bit of a twist? Try skyblock! Another place for boss fighting, or even building the greatest, most efficient island! Built in with an oregenerator for extra boost.

    This gamemode is on a "seasonal" run, however that doesn't make it any less entertaining for more extreme survivalists! Our factions is equipped with a custom enchants plugin and mcmmo, thus making it all the better!

    Occasionally we open our event server to the public for fun, temporary minigames and activities (such as parkour events, PvP events, hide n seek games, etc!). The best part is usually we give out prizes to the winners of each event! Sometimes they are organized events, other times just at random.

    Of course, there are some of these to follow. Instead of listing them all here for you, click the link below to take you to the rules/help pages!
    >>> Click Here <<<

    Look at that! Seems you're already on the forums! This is the place where you can stay most up-to-date with the server or even make a suggestion of your own!

    To Report a Player: Click Here
    To Apply for the Staff or Build Team: Click Here
    To Get Gamemode Help: Click Here
    To Make a Suggestion: Click Here OR Click Here
    To Ask a Question: Click Here

    Current Staff
    Our staffing system is tiered as follows, from lowest to highest ranking: Helper, Staff, SrStaff, Mod, SrMod. While this is subject to change, the current staff are:
    FishyPingu, Rapidity, Ninja_Wizard, LiamF1
    Aws, jet315, Shaunaaa

    PlanetMine Shop

    Looking for a cool donator rank, tag, tokens, or simply want to help out?
    >>> Click Here <<<
    The shop is a great way to make a donation and help our server out, all proceeds go to help keep this server alive and running! Ranks include:
    Donor, Member, VIP, Elite, God, Mystic

    Token Shop
    A global in-game currency, tokens can be purchased on the PlanetMine shop. Otherwise, you get 10 tokens per 10 minutes when you are active on any gamemode in the server! This can increase in numbers when a booster is active. The /token shop varies across each gamemode, but each one provides helpful or fun commands/items/etc that you could possibly need per gamemode.

    PlanetMine has two vote links that you can use daily in order to achieve varying goodies across each gamemode. If you use both links every day for a month, you have a chance to be a Top Voter and win some money off the PlanetMine Shop! We also have a Vote Streak plugin, which allows you to earn extra tokens for each day you vote, and additional goodies per streak (ex: If you vote 10 times in a row, you can claim a 2x token booster).

    Get Connected!
    Our server has both Discord and Teamspeak.

    The Teamspeak IP: ts.planetmine.org
    Info on Discord: Click Here

    Any Other Questions or Concerns?
    Feel free to contact staff or make a post in the help section of forums! You can contact any staff member in game if you happen to find them online, start a conversation on forums with one of them, or request for their help on Discord or Teamspeak if you happen to find them there, too!

    Enjoy your stay on our humble server, hope to see you there!
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